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Need to move your home to a different location? Or do you want your business in a new building or country? Winter Moving & Storage is a long established moving agency that has been in business for almost forty years.

Since 1979, the company has been helping homeowners and business people move their property and belongings. Based in Northwest Arkansas, the company has been known to meet the unique needs and requirements of every person. Relocations and changes do occur for various reasons, but despite the reason, Winter Moving & Storage Agency treats each job as unique, special and important.

John Winter is the owner and President of this moving agency. Besides providing the public with moving services, John and his team also created a customized storage system that can accommodate any kind of storage need. It does not matter how large or small; one person might just need to keep a few individual items, and another a whole garage of tools and spare parts.

Storage and packing are just among the many other services that the company offers. John Winter and his team have also served the people commercially and internationally.

An Atlas Van Lines Agent

Atlas Van Lines and Winter Moving & Storage have been in partnership for so many years. The mission of these two companies over the years has been to provide quality, excellence and professionalism in the moving industry.

Atlas Van lines is widely known in the US for their household goods moving services. It is one of the largest movers in the region, owning more than 430 agents. Winter Moving & Storage is one of these agents.

As agents of Atlas Van Lines, Winter Moving & Storage together with the other agencies own and operate equipment and warehouses to provide people with the storage and moving services they need. With the diversified strength acquired in partnership, Atlas movers and their agents are dedicated to continuous improvement and high standards of service.

Award Winning Moving Company

Since its inception, Winter Moving & Storage has continuously been an award winning moving company. John Winter and his team have won themselves Atlas quality awards twelve times; from 2004 to 2015. This moving agency has now won Atlas’ most envied and prestigious honor, the Milton M. Hill Quality Award.

This prestigious award was created as a dedication to one of Atlas’ most adored Directors, Mr. Milt Hill. Always striving to be the best, Milt put Atlas on the global map for excellence and professionalism. As such, for all Atlas agents, the Milton M. Hill Quality Award is the ultimate mark of distinction and great work. To earn it, you have to be the best of the best.

Any recipient of this Atlas Quality Award must meet or exceed the award giver’s standards. These standards range from safety points and warehouse ratings to customer satisfaction ratings and claims.

Moreover, to even be considered the Milton M. Hill Quality award, a potential recipient must first receive the Hauling Excellence Award. That is, you must receive at least 90% favorable feedback from clients and demonstrate excellent operations management.

Other quality awards from the Atlas organization to their agents include the Atlas World Class Commitment, the Superior Packing Award and the Specialized Transportation Group Quality Award. To win any of these awards, a lot of inspections and evaluations have to be conducted. And even with all these, customer feedback is also crucial.

To be able to receive the highest quality award from Atlas, it shows that Winter Moving & Storage is now one of the most respectable moving companies in Northwest Arkansas and across the country.

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