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Hire Professional Packers For Your 2020 Move | Winter Moving & Storage

Are you kicking off the start of a new decade with an upcoming move? If so, you’re going to need help with that. Moving always takes more time and energy than what’s anticipated, and it’s easy to fall behind your moving checklist. So, if you’re planning an upcoming move, now is the time to call Winter Moving & Storage to hire professional packers. With this critical item marked off your moving checklist, you’ll be able to focus more time on the other tasks at hand.

Don’t Sweat the Heavy Stuff – Hire Professional Movers

Most of the items you have in your home, you can probably move on your own. Boxes of clothes, furnishings, and other small items are easy enough to pack, and you might want to do that yourself (this way, you’ll know exactly where everything is). However, moving king-sized mattresses, sofas, and the solid oak bookshelf that weighs a million pounds may be too much for you. Instead of fretting over how you’re going to handle moving these kinds of items, why not contact the team at Winter Moving & Storage?

You don’t need to use professional movers for the entire move if you don’t want to. Instead, why not just let them move the heavy stuff? This way, you won’t potentially injure yourself with these more substantial items, and you can focus your time on the other boxes and furnishings you need to move. It’s a great way to spend a small amount of money while taking advantage of moving the large items out of the way.

Help with Packing – Hire Professional Packers

Packing can be a real pain. Sure, packing your sock drawer and folding the winter coats into a box is a breeze, but what about packing valuables? There’s the painting you invested a hefty amount of money into, the dishes your grandmother passed down, and the bottles of wine you’ve been saving up for a special occasion. All of these items need to be packed with care. It’s also challenging to know precisely how you should be packing these items to make sure nothing breaks in route to your new home. Thankfully you don’t need to guess at how to pack these items. With the help of Winter Moving & Storage, all you need to do is give the team a call and set up a time for the packing professionals to come out and help.

While at your home, they can give you advice for the boxes you wish to pack, or they can help you pack everything. They’ll also help with clearly identifying all of your boxes. This way, if you’re unpacking the truck upon arriving at your new home, you’ll know exactly what’s in each box, what rooms these boxes need to be placed into and which boxes are full of delicate valuables. All of this will make life easier for you.

Storage When Needed

Sometimes you’ll need to make two different trips while moving. You might not know where everything will fit in your new home or if you even want to keep some particular items. To help with this, Winter Moving & Storage offers several storage unit options. This way, you can rent out the storage units for as long or as short of a time as you need.

Make Your Move Easier

Whether you need help packing, moving, or storing items for your move, the team at Winter Moving & Storage is here to help. So while planning for your upcoming 2020 move, make sure to give the moving pros a call.

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