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Make Your Move as Green as Possible With These Tips | Winter Moving

If you are planning a move, you are likely feeling a bit stressed out. Ally with a moving company  like Winter Moving & Storage and you won’t have to worry! Once you and your moving company get the ball rolling on the logistics of the process it will prove much easier than you originally anticipated. The unfortunate truth about most moves is they prove particularly harmful to the planet. You can do your part to preserve our increasingly sensitive environment by following the green moving tips outlined below.

Pack With Care

You can move your possessions in a highly efficient manner without making use of fancy and costly packing materials. Take a bit of time to look around your home for packing items that will secure your possessions. Everything from used cardboard boxes to newspapers, old clothes, pillows, sheets and blankets can be used to pack and protect your possessions. You can re-use all of these items once your moving company has transported everything to your new digs. Take your green move a step further by using reusable plastic bins and containers instead of cardboard boxes.

Make use of Green Cleaning Supplies

You’ll have to clean your old place and get your new digs in tip-top shape before settling in. These cleaning projects require all sorts of cleaning supplies, the majority of which are petroleum based. Opt for environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies that aren’t rife with harmful chemicals and you’ll do your part to preserve the planet’s integrity. The number of eco-friendly cleaning products that keep homes fresh and clean continues to grow as time progresses.

As an example, there is no need to use one roll of paper towels after another when you can make use of rags comprised of old clothes. Such rags can be washed and subsequently re-used for your next cleaning project.

Downsize in a Green Manner

Though a moving company can move everything you own, you probably don’t want to hold onto every single one of your possessions. Think of your upcoming move as a chance to downsize your belongings. Take some time to determine which possessions you no longer desire or need. Sort through all of your items and create piles labeled as “move”, “donate” and “recycle”. Do not trash items that might potentially provide some sort of utility for another person or institution. Bring those old electronic items to local electronics stores so they are recycled or reused in a manner that does not harm the planet.

You can also hold a garage sale to get rid of items that have value. Use the proceeds of the garage sale to decrease your moving expenses. Leftover items that aren’t sold can be donated to family, friends or the needy. Examples of charities that will take your undesired items include the Salvation Army and military veterans. Some such donations can result in a legitimate tax deduction that offsets some of your income tax bill this upcoming April.

Sort Through Your Files Before Packing Them Up

There is no sense in having a moving company move all of your files when some of this paperwork is unnecessary. Separate important documents from those you no longer need. Recycle the old and unimportant paperwork so you don’t have to worry about moving it. Be sure to shred any paperwork that has sensitive financial information or personal information.

If you don’t have the time or equipment necessary to shred such items, consider hiring a company to pick up these documents and shred them on your behalf. Just be sure to do business with a document shredding company that makes use of an environmentally-friendly process.

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