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5 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid | Winter Moving

Moving is a demanding exercise, starting from the realization that you have to go to a new place to arranging for packing and then the actual move. You have to work out the details of what is being carried, how it is being carried, and who is carrying it. You also have to consider aspects like insurance, safety measures, etc; while you may have an idea of tips, there are certain mistakes you cannot make. Here is an overview of the main ones.

Hire a moving company without verification.

There are many movers and brokers in the market, and in search of a good deal, you are more likely to pick some offers that are too good to be true. That means you are at risk of falling for scams and moving frauds.

Even if you find a mover who is actually in the business, they may not be accredited by the right authorities, especially by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Failing to research your moving company also means you do not know its reputation, so you are not assured of the reliability, quality, and safety of its services.

Decide to move on your own

This is a common mistake most people make largely because they think it will help them save on expenditure costs. Now, while this is true if you live at a short distance, have few items to move, and can count on friends or family to help you with the packing and moving, it does not apply to most circumstances, especially when you move long distances, have a family, and plenty of items including precious or delicate ones.

Moving on your own in such circumstances means you risk delays, and you end up having to plan and try managing plenty of items. You also carry the risk of breaking items or injuring yourself and those helping you due to a lack of specialized equipment and skills.

Delay when to pack.

At times, it feels like the day of the move is far off, and as such, you relax on the packing; it is just plain procrastination as no one likes packing. However, this is something you should embark on from the first day you confirm your move and have a mover planned.

It will give you time to declutter, identify what you’re selling or donating, and get all the packaging material you need, among other things. Delay means you are doing everything in a rush, which makes you compromise your options and pick costly options or poor-quality ones.

Pack everything

Either due to attachment or last-minute packing, you may find yourself packing everything in your home. That means you end up with more luggage, which means you pay more for things you do not need. You also end up with more clutter at the new home, which affects your planning and takes up more space and time for unpacking.

You don’t prepare both moving sites.

You need to prepare your homes, especially during winter. You will need to shovel both your homes to make it easy for the movers to access them. Equally important, you should check the AC of the new place and turn it on in preparation for your arrival to avoid coming to a cold and freezing home.

Moving any time of the year is usually a stressful event. There is so much to do, from packing to arranging the move, unpacking, and starting afresh at a new place. There is so much to do and consider, or else you could end up with a costly exercise.

More importantly, if you make the mistakes above, you are guaranteed to incur significant losses and regret the exercise. At Winter Moving and Storage, we aim to make your move comfortable, safe, and swift. We have over 40 years of experience, and should you need storage, we can provide it, too. Do not struggle alone or seek unprofessional movers and brokers. Contact us today, and let us make the process hassle-free for you.

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