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Facts About the Milton Hill Award | Winter Moving & Storage | Bentonville, AR

Dedicated to the memory of Atlas Director Milt Hill, whose dedication to quality and professionalism left a long-lasting influence on the moving industry, the Milton M. Hill Quality Award recognizes moving companies on customer satisfaction, safety, claims, estimating, and their warehouse operations. The award is the highest honor to moving companies giving them a mark of distinction from within the industry. There is only a handful of agents that are able to earn this award each year due to their dedication to quality and service.

Importance of the Award

Established in 1996, there are 56 agencies that have earned the prestigious Milton Hill Award and they represent a small but elite group that continue to exhibit excellence in the following essential categories:

Hauling Excellence

Agents are given this award based on their commitment to superior customer service from their operators and they must meet the hauling revenue requirements of over $1 million. The Hauling Excellence Award is a critical aspect of the Milton Hill Award.

Superior Warehouse Rating

In order to acquire a superior warehouse rating, the company must earn high scores on organizational, risk management, security, and overall impression inspections. This is a challenge in a chaotic logistical environment but companies that meet these stringent standards are well-recognized.

World-class Commitment

Receipts of the Milton Hill Award are also determined based on a world-class commitment which is measured from 12 standards. This award demonstrates that the recipient is a well-rounded company, capable of providing the highest level of service to their customers.

By achieving this award, the carrier is proving to their customers and the industry that they provide the highest level of service, credibility and excellence. With so few companies being awarded the Milton Hill Award, the winners stand out among the crowd in a saturated moving and storage market.

Additional awards categories include superior packing, hauling achievement, specialized transportation group quality, and outstanding van operator awards.

Winter Moving and Storage

One such recipient of the Milton Hill Award is Winter Moving & Storage. Winter Moving & Storage is based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. Their commitment to excellence is evident in residential, commercial, and international moving, as well as storage and packing offerings. Winter Moving & Storage has earned the Milton Hill Award every year from 2004-2015 (12 times) and the Hauling Excellence Award (2001, 2004-2015)

Featuring a state-of-the-art 50,000-square foot warehouse, Winter Moving & Storage can meet the needs of any type of customer with any budget; from a local residential move to an international commercial move. Contact Winter Moving & Storage today for a free moving estimate and to learn more about this highly-reputable company!

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