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Moving at any time of the year brings about its own level of stress. While you may look forward to where your’e moving to, the actual process is something few people enjoy. This is why turning to professionals for moving is so important. They can help properly pack your valuables and fragile items, load a moving truck to ensure everything is safe and then help remove everything from the truck into the new location upon arrival. While there are plenty of moving companies, few can provide you with the level of quality and services as Winter Moving & Storage, a locally owned family business that has called Arkansas home for several decades. Residents and business owners alike have relied on the services of Winter Moving & Storage for not only winter but all year moving and storage needs, which has helped the company earn an impressive list of awards for high quality service and care.

The Hauling Excellence Award

Like other professions, there are regulations and methods for measuring company performance in the moving and storage industry. Customer care, on-time delivery and safe storage all go into identifying a quality company. The Atlas Standards are used for this exact purpose. By setting standards for all moving company criteria, it helps moving companies such as Winter Moving & Storage measure performance and look for ways to improve upon what the company already does in order to ensure more satisfied customers. In order to even qualify for the Milton M. Hill Quality Award, a moving company must meet or exceed every single quality Atlas Standard. Prior to being put up for the award, a moving agent/company must receive the Hauling Excellence Award. This is something Winter Moving & Storage has done before: 14 times before (currently) to be exact, receiving the Hauling Excellence Award in 2001, and then again in 2004 and up through to 2016.

The Milton M. Hill Quality Award

Recipients of the Milton M. Hill Quality Award are selected from moving companies that have won the Hauling Excellence Award. As Winter Moving & Storage has received this award over a dozen times since 2004, it has been up for the elevated moving award several times, bringing it home each of the last three years. This is the highest level of recognition a moving and storage company can receive in Arkansas, so when working with Winter Moving & Storage, you know you can and should expect nothing less than exceptional service. Whether you’re having items moved or put into warehouse storage, you’ll be working with one of the very best companies in the state.

It’s Not About the Awards

Winning and receiving an award is always nice. We all enjoy being recognized for the work we do. From accountants to florists, cashiers to lawyers, everyone likes a bit of recognition for a job well done. Ultimately at Winter Moving & Storage, we don’t do it for the awards or for recognition. We do the work because not only do we enjoy it, but we want to provide the highest level customer service to customers just like you. If we happen to receive an award for the quality of our services, it means we’re doing our job right.

Whether you’re planning to move this winter, are in need of placing items in storage or are curious about the kinds of services offered, we are here to help. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting a residential unit into storage or moving your office across town. Contact Winter Moving & Storage professionals today for all of your moving and storage needs!

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