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How to Keep Your House Clean After a Move?

Moving houses with the help of a professional mover is always exciting, especially for homemakers and DIY interior design enthusiasts. Staring at the bare walls and empty spaces offers you a new world of opportunities as you plan to make yourself a cozy home. You can decide how to spruce your space to fit your style and aesthetics.

Although moving to a new home is fun, it has its fair share of challenges. The previous occupants might have left some clutter you must deal with before settling in. If it’s a new building, you may have to handle dust, dirt, and debris before unloading and arranging your belongings. A deep clean is necessary to ensure your house is tidy after a move.

Here are some excellent tips you can use to keep your house clean after a move:

  1. Perform a Safety Assessment

Perform a safety assessment of your space before commencing any cleanup exercise. After all, your safety comes first. Loose hooks and nails sticking out of walls and fixtures are dangerous and might hurt or prick you during cleaning. Remove or fasten them appropriately into place. When done, test all sockets and switches, and change the smoke detector batteries to ensure they work optimally.

  1. Prepare a Cleaning Checklist

Knowing where to start cleaning your new home can be confusing, especially if the house is messy. Here’s where a cleaning checklist comes into play. The list will make your cleanup more organized and less tasking. You can also use it to keep subsequent cleanups under control. It doesn’t have to be complex. Prioritize the dirtiest rooms and spaces before listing other items, such as appliances and fixtures. Also, list all the tools, equipment, and supplies you need for the task.

  1. Apply a Top-Down Approach

Always start with the top before moving down for an effective deep cleaning exercise. If the home has remained unoccupied for a while, you’ll notice dust on the ceilings, fans, shelves, cabinets, and overhead lighting fixtures. Clean these features to relegate the dust and dirt to the floor for a less tedious exercise.

  1. Clean the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used areas in the home. For this reason, you should clean it daily to maintain high hygienic standards. Use a duster to remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling, top corners, vents, and overhead lighting fixtures. Clean cabinets and closets and wipe the mirrors. Next, scrub the bathtub and shower tiles and disinfect the toilet, sink, faucets, and floor.

  1. Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is where you prepare and store your food. For this reason, it must always be clean to keep contaminants and pests at bay. As with the bathroom, start by cleaning the top before working down. Clean the walls, countertops, cabinets, stovetops, and all appliances. Wipe the door knobs and remember to empty the trash before moving to the next room.

  1. Clean the Bedrooms

Always clean the bedrooms before moving your bed and other items. After all, cleaning under the bed can be tricky since you must bend your back or squat to access hard-to-reach spaces. Dust the room, focusing on the doors, window sills, wardrobe, shelves, and other furniture. Wipe the windows and finish by giving the floors a good polish.

  1. Tackle the Living Area

The living area is one of the last areas to tackle during your post-move cleanup. Depending on the floor surface, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and finish by mopping the floor. A good polish will ensure your living area is sparkling clean.

Need Moving Assistance?

Cleaning up your new home before you move is always a good idea. It makes it easier to tackle all rooms, ensuring you unload your belongings into a clean space. Moving Winter Services can help pack and store your items as you handle your pre-move cleaning tasks. We shall later bring all your stuff to your new house within the agreed timeline. Contact us today for your free estimate.


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