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Budgeting for an Upcoming Move | Winter Moving & Storage

Moving expenses can add up quickly. Your best defense is to be prepared with an accurate budget that accounts for all the variables associated with moving and storage. This can help to minimize the stress that is inherent to taking all your belongings to a new location and all the tasks associated with moving.

Here are several of the important budgeting concerns that you will want to enter into your budget to avoid being taken by surprise at the last minute.  Everybody’s moving experience is different, so make a budget that is specific to your own situation.

  1. Take Inventory — One of the biggest and most common mistakes that break the budget is not forming an accurate list of your belongings so when you call a moving company you are given an estimate that is understated. Then, when the representative for the company arrives, you are told you will need a larger truck. this immediately drastically changes the budget causing problems.  An accurate inventory of your belongings will help keep your budget on track.
  2. Know the costs — Discuss all the charges with your moving company prior to signing a contract. If a mover bases his charges on time for the move, adjust things accordingly byto minimize the time.  One time-saver is to disassemble furniture before moving day. This saves a good amount of time. Another way to save time is by making sure you have a plan what room the furniture is going in the new residence and finding the best entrance for each room. Another time-saver is color-coding your boxes to easily recognize which box goes in which room.
  3. Packing materials —  Another way to end up over budget is not including packing materials in your budget. This can lead to paying more at the last minute and adding to your time allotment. Some of the materials to include are boxes, tape, furniture and mattress covers, and markers. This is a very common mistake. Start gathering your supplies weeks early.
  4. Storage costs — Starting early to move items into a storage unit can buy you time and reduce stress on the day of the move, Include the storage costs in your moving budget. You will probably need a heavy duty lock for the storage unit and a security deposit at the time of signing the contract. Most units are monthly, so you can get your belongings soon after you are moved into your new residence if you wish to minimize the cost.
  5. Cleaning costs — You may be required to give your current home a good cleaning before leaving and you will want to clean your new residence. This can be entered in the moving budget. A professional cleaning will cost more. If you are selling a property, there may be repairs necessary to complete the sale. All this can be grouped together on your budget sheet.

Moving into a new home can be a happy experience if you budget properly for the move. Start months in advance to create your budget. One of the best ways of reducing stress and ensuring a smooth move is to choose a reputable experienced moving company. Contact Winter Moving and Storage for an enjoyable moving experience in the Bentonville, Arkansas area. Winter has won the Excellence award in outstanding achievement by Atlas in the moving industry. Customer service is the goal at Winter Moving and Storage.


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