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Commercial Moving Services | Hotels | Office Spaces

Did you know that Winter Moving & Storage offers commercial moving services for hotels?

What exactly does this mean?

Commercial moving services for hotels are specialized movers who offer assistance in relocating all the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) of a hotel. These services are especially important when a hotel is undergoing renovations, expansions, or when it’s time to move locations entirely.

1. Hotel Room Moves: Commercial movers can efficiently and safely transport hotel room furniture, including beds, mattresses, dressers, tables, chairs, and other furnishings.

2. Lobby and Reception Areas: Movers can handle the relocation of front desk counters, concierge desks, seating areas, and any other furniture or fixtures in the lobby or reception areas.

3. Restaurants and Bars: Moving services can assist in relocating restaurant and bar equipment, such as tables, chairs, bar counters, kitchen appliances, and other necessary fixtures.

4. Conference and Event Spaces: Commercial movers have experience in moving conference room furniture, audio-visual equipment, podiums, tables, chairs, and other equipment used in meeting and event spaces.

5. Fitness Centers and Spas: If your hotel has a fitness center or spa, movers can transport exercise equipment, massage tables, spa chairs, and other specialized equipment.

6. Back-of-House Areas: These movers can handle the relocation of office furniture, file cabinets, storage equipment, employee lockers, and any other items found in the hotel’s administrative and operational areas.

7. Artwork and Decor: Professional movers also provide packing, transportation, and installation services for hotel artwork, sculptures, decorations, and other valuable or fragile items.

8. Hotel Suites and Specialty Rooms: Movers can also assist in moving furniture, fixtures, and equipment in specialty rooms, such as suites, executive rooms, or themed rooms.

9. Storage Solutions: Some commercial moving companies provide short-term or long-term storage solutions for hotels during renovations or if extra space is needed.

10. Project Management and Logistics: Commercial movers specializing in hotel moves often offer project management services to coordinate the entire moving process, including logistics, scheduling, and coordination with other contractors.

Overall, hiring a professional commercial moving service for hotels ensures a smooth transition during renovations, expansions, or relocations, minimizing downtime and disruptions to the hotel’s operations.

Storage Services

Another great benefit of using Winter Moving & Storage for your commercial moving needs, we can store your furniture,  fixtures, etc. until you are ready for them.

We do offer climate-controlled storage units for storage which these units help maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, especially for sensitive or valuable items like electronics, documents, or any perishable goods. Our commercial storage services provide businesses such as hotels, offices, etc. with a safe and secure solution to manage their excess inventory, seasonal items, or equipment, freeing up valuable space within their own buildings or spaces.


If you are looking to hire a moving company to assist with a commercial moving job, contact Winter Moving & Storage for a free moving estimate today!

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