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Don’t Make These Five Moving Mistakes | Winter Moving & Storage

Moving is a complicated process. Most people often find this sometimes life-changing event not only tedious but also daunting due to moving mistakes. First, a lot of effort goes into packaging your household items and other movable belongings. Secondly, and arguably more important, the time dedicated to finding a new home for you and your family, as well as making the new property somewhere you can dwell. Accordingly, with so much at hand during the process, it’s very easy for something to go wrong. Following are common moving mistakes you should try to avoid while relocating:

1.    Not Making a Budget

Relocating is expensive, especially if you’re moving from one state to another. Although the costs may vary, the overall price is apt to skyrocket if you don’t make a budget initially. You can start by comparing the prices charged by different movers.
To avoid last-minute surprises, it is integral that you make a budget and update it as necessary. In your budget, ensure you include all home purchase or rental costs, as well as travel and related moving expenses.

2.    Not Having an Efficient Moving Plan

The process of moving can be arduous if you do not put into consideration the items you’ll be carrying. Accordingly, in the months before you move, make a point of cleaning everything up and getting rid of clutter. You can dispose of, sell, or donate the things you no longer need, or those that you use infrequently. Having less baggage will not only reduce your moving expenses but also streamline the process overall, reducing common mistakes during the move.

3.    Insufficient Insurance for Your Valuables

One of the most common moving mistakes is not liaising with an insurance agent. Such professionals carefully scrutinize your homeowner’s insurance policy. Taking such precautions ensures you are aware of relevant circumstances under which possessions may or may not be covered during the moving process. Often, policies will cover any belongings that might be stolen when you move. The right insurance protects you in case of various hidden uncertainties.

Also, you can make an inquiry from your moving company to acquaint yourself with their liability coverage policies. Such a liability coverage policy may hinge around the assessed value of your belongings, their total weight, or their full cost of replacement.

4.    Choosing a Shady Company

Researching and ultimately selecting a moving company can be critical. This means you should pursue due diligence in choosing your preferred movers. Such action helps you avoid future regrets. Below are two of the reasons why you should steer clear of poor quality movers:

•    Risk of damage or loss of your property
•    Greater cost than initial quotes

Make a point of conducting research online as you look for accredited movers–such as Winter Moving & Storage. It will save you the hassle of dealing with dishonest alternatives. Another tactic may involve taking an added precaution: consult with friends and family to see who they trust in terms of movers. As you search online, make a point of examining trustworthy websites which provide customer feedback and customer testimonials.

5.    Not Supervising the Process

Ensure you supervise both loading and unloading of your belongings during a move. In case you’re unavailable, appoint a representative who can act on your behalf.

The Bottom Line
Moving entails more than simply packing your things and loading them onto a rented truck. Making careful plans and choosing a reputable company like Winter Moving & Storage will alleviate the burden of this process, eliminating common moving mistakes while at the same time providing the best value for your money.

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