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Moving takes a physical, emotional, and financial toll on those involved. While there isn’t much you can do about these powerful emotions throughout the process, there are steps to alleviate the financial and physical strain of moving. Hiring professional movers lifts the physical burden since the experts will do the tough work for you while ensuring the success and safety of your relocation experience. If you opt for full service moving, then your items will magically disappear from your current residence and appear in your new spot.

While there are many tricks to cut moving costs, most require you to complete the tasks. The more you do yourself, the less you pay but the more laborious the move will be. For this reason, it seems like a vicious cycle but there is an easy way out. You simply must calculate the cost of your move so you can plan all finances and determine what you can do yourself and what moving services you can afford.

This begs the question; how do you estimate full service moving company expenses? This is easier than it seems by calculating the correct parameters. Here is the information you need to know:

What Does a Full Service Moving Company Do?

First, it is important to understand what a full service moving company does. The best full service moving companies find the best solutions to moving day issues. They offer a variety of services with years of short and long-distance moves that make them the perfect relocation partner. Some of the most common services include:

  • Furniture disassembly for any large and heavy pieces of furniture.
  • In-home visual inspections are a thorough review of all household items you wish to relocate.
  • Insurance coverage to cover high-value articles.
  • Packing and packing supplies help the company protect your belongings during the packing process.
  • The price estimate gives you a quote after the home visual inspection.
  • A risk assessment determines if there are any concrete risks related to your belongings and their transportation (antique furniture, a piano, artwork, a pool table, a hot tub, a heavy safe).
  • Transportation of all belonging to the new location.

How to Calculate a Full Service Moving Company Estimate

Your actual moving costs depending on several factors but the distance and weight of your belongings from your old to the new home will play the most critical role in determining the estimate.

Relocation Distance

It is logical to assume that the greater the distance you are relocating, the higher the transportation costs will be since longer journeys consume more fuel and take more time. Also, the moving distance determines the type of move which include:

  • If you are moving 50-miles or less, then your move is considered local and the costs are based on the time to complete the job.
  • If you are moving more than 50-miles, then it is a long-distance move that is based on the weight of your belongings.

Size of Move

The final moving costs will increase based on the number of items you are moving because they occupy more space in the truck which requires a larger truck, and additional packing materials.

The best starting point when determining a full service moving company estimate is the distance and size of the move. If you take these two critical points, then you will be able to estimate the moving costs fairly accurately. Reach out to Winter Moving & Storage in Bentonville, Arkansas today. 

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