Looking to Move Long Distance? Winter Moving Can Help!

A long-distance move is challenging and exciting. It represents not only a new home but a brand new beginning. You’ll be in a new neighborhood, surrounded by new people, new restaurants and new experiences. It can also be stressful to tackle the long distance move. Packing up your home is generally the same between a local move and a long distance move, but the transportation and driving of your household across the country is different. It also brings about a number of new aspects of a move you may not feel comfortable with, including the renting of a large truck and driving it to the new home. Driving a large truck is intimidating and, if you are not experienced, can be difficult when navigating traffic. That is where the team at Winter Moving & Storage comes in. Whatever you might need help with, the moving professionals are on hand and ready to help every step of the way.

Loading And Unloading Your Truck

With a long distance move, you need to make sure your items are packed safely. The longer you’re on the road and the more miles you’re in the truck, the greater the chance of items shifting within the vehicle. This means if the truck isn’t packed properly you may end up opening a truck to a cargo bay of knocked over boxes and broken valuables. With the help of Winter Moving & Storage, your personal items, furniture, and valuables are secured and will not shift or move during transit.

After making the long drive you’ll likely want to just get the remainder of the unload over with as quickly as possible. The ability to move all of your items into the house is a great feeling. You may also be on a schedule, which means you will need to unload the truck sooner rather than later. With Winter Moving & Storage, if you want help unloading the truck you’ll receive as much or as little help as you’d like. From assistance moving the heavier items to unloading the entire truck, we provide the level of assistance you choose.

Driving the Truck

Driving a large moving truck can be stressful. It likely is a substantially larger vehicle than you’re accustomed to operating. Driving a 24-foot moving truck is much different than driving a Prius, which means if you don’t have experience driving the vehicle you may not feel confident in your abilities. Instead of sitting behind the wheel of a truck feeling uncomfortable, all you’ll need to do is book the professional driving services of Winter Moving & Storage. With this option, we take care of all the truck driving for you. This should help take some of the stress out of your move and allow you to focus on other aspects of the long distance move and anything else you need to take care of before your moving day.

Long distance moves are both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It represents a brand new beginning for you and anyone else traveling with you. Wherever you are moving to, you can reduce the level of stress you experience with the move. This can be done with the help of Winter Moving & Storage. So whether you’re looking for help driving the moving truck or just need assistance loading and unloading, Winter Moving is standing by ready to help you out. You don’t need to go through this move alone. Whether your long distance move is coming up this weekend or you have months to plan for it, the team at Winter Moving & Storage ready to help you out.


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