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One of the most overlooked areas of a home move is what to do with house plants. Moving plants can be, at the very least, tricky. Some are more delicate than others, which means they shouldn’t be knocked over, have weight pushed against them, or even left inside of a moving truck for longer than a few hours (since the lack of oxygen, high heat, and no sunlight can damage a number of plants).

One of the most important moving tips to consider before moving is the fact that if you cross state lines, there may be regulations regarding the import of plants into the state. There are often strict agricultural laws within each state, so look into this ahead of time. This is especially the case if you’re moving to a coastal state (or Hawai’i). The last thing you want to deal with is a citation for attempting to import plants that are outlawed in the state. 

Depending on the plant, you may need to consider whether it’s worth moving it at all. Of course, if you’ve put years into the cultivation of a particular plant, you probably don’t want to just abandon it. In the instances where you want to take certain plants with you, here are three tips for packing up your plants for a move. 

Prune Your Plant

If at all possible, prune your plant down to the smallest possible size. This not only makes it easier to move but reduces the potential of trauma to the plant. Using pruning shears, you’ll want to perform 45-degree angle cuts. You should remove leaves from the lower sections of the plant as well. Your plant will likely not receive the kind of water or sunlight it needs during the move, so the fewer leaves and branches pulling energy from the roots, the better. 

Secure With Floral Foam

If you have smaller plants, you can skip this step. However, you’ll want to secure anything with taller stalks using floral foam. This will prevent undesired swaying and help absorb any kind of impact should something fall on the plant during the move. Don’t use the floral foam designed for dried flowers, though. Instead, you’ll want something that is capable of absorbing water. Prior to installing it around the plant, you should soak it in water, then punch holes in the foam. This way the foam can provide some water to your plant over the duration of your travel (in a pinch you can use a potato).

Moving Bulbs

If you’re moving plants with bulbs, you’ll want to remove the bulbs from the dirt and place them into paper bags (do not use plastic). Remove any damaged area of the bulb. Bulbs can survive in storage like this. So when going through moving tips for your plants, bulbs are some of the easier plants to move with, thanks to the solid nature of the bulb and its protective casing.

When it comes to moving your plants, it doesn’t matter if it’s across town or across state lines, you may need some assistance. Winter Moving & Storage in Northwest Arkansas is here to help you with moving tips as well as all of your moving needs. This includes moving plants as well as fragile items you might have inside the house. So, if you have questions regarding an upcoming move, or if you want to book moving services, now is the time to give the team at Winter Moving & Storage a call today

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