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Best Way To Pack Lamps For A Move | Winter Moving & Storage

Packing all your belongings before your move is usually considered a difficult task because it’s time-consuming. However, certain items can be difficult to pack due to their weight as well as their awkward size. Lamps can be very awkward to pack because of their parts, bases, and lampshades. They can also be easily damaged if not properly packed. Here are a few moving tips for packing a typical table lamp.

  • Dismantle the lamp – The first thing to do is to take apart your lamp. Remove the lampshade from the base of the lamp, and then unscrew the lightbulb. It helps to pack all of these items separately.
  • Pack the small components – Several smaller components will need to be removed from the lamp to separate the lampshade from the lamp’s base. One is the cap at the top of the lamp that secures the lampshade and the shade riser that sits right below the cap. Label and seal these pieces in a small plastic bag so that you don’t lose them.
  • Tie up the cord – It’s a good idea to tie up the cord before putting the base in the box to prevent tripping over the cord when you unpack your lamp. The cord could also get damaged or cause damage to the lamp base if you don’t fold it up and tie it together using a twist-tie. 
  • Pack the lamp base – The lamp base should go in a separate box. Once you’ve tied up the cord, wrap some foam around its prongs, the lamp, the cord itself. This helps prevent damage to the delicate features of your lamp during the move. Once you’ve used foam to protect the lamp base, wrap packing paper around the rest of the base before inserting it into your box. The wrapping paper will act as cushioning and prevent the lamp from moving around. Use more wrapping paper or packing peanuts to fill in any leftover space inside the box. You can pack the bag of smaller components in the same box as well. Consider taping it up against the side of the box so that it won’t shift around.
  • Pack the lampshade – You’ll want to pack your lampshade separately from your lamp base. This is because lampshades are much more delicate and can easily be crushed or torn if packed with heavier items. Pack your lampshade in a box upside down. This will allow you to place other lightweight items inside of it. If you have several lamps, then you can pack smaller lampshades inside your larger lampshades. Use wrapping paper or peanuts to fill in the empty spaces. Just make sure you don’t pack your lampshades too tightly, or they could bend out of shape during the move.
  • Label your boxes – Because you’re packing your lamp bases separately from your lampshades, make sure that the boxes are properly labeled. In addition to writing “lamp bases” and “lampshades” on the boxes, consider writing what room they go in so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to find one or the other once you’ve moved into your new home.

These moving tips can help keep your lamps safe during your move. For more moving tips, or to schedule an upcoming move, be sure to contact us at Winter Moving today.

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