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How To Label Moving Boxes Like A Pro | Winter Moving

Whether you’re moving from your home or your office, it’s critical to take care of your belongings. You don’t want to mix up everything and have a hectic day unloading and unpacking. It’s essential to learn how to label moving boxes efficiently to easy your moving day.

Every item you pack in a box should be well labeled. It will help you distinguish the “handle with care” items from the others. Moving and settling in your new home or office is made a lot easier by well-labeled boxes.

Labeling your boxes is an essential part of moving. Here are some moving tips from Winter Moving & Storage to help you label your boxes like a pro:

1. Label each box’s contents.

While labeling, it’s essential to be specific. Don’t just write “kitchen” or “washroom.” Write the name of the particular kitchenware in the box – for example, “wine glasses.” Specific labeling will help the loaders to be careful with delicate items to avoid damages.

Being specific is an essential moving tip to ease your unpacking work. It becomes so much easier to determine which boxes to open first and which can wait.

2. Use different permanent markers.

You’ll need the names of the items to stay on the boxes until you’re ready to unpack. Some markers are too faint, and they wash off too fast. Buy water-proof markers in case it rains during the move. You don’t want confusion after all the work you have put into labeling.

Consider buying conspicuous marker colors. It’s much easier to read noticeable writing than a dull, unclear label. It also helps to use a different marker color for every item category, such as kitchen or bedroom items.

This work may seem too much for you, but it’s not too much for the Winter Moving & Storage. Make a call for all the help you need.

3. Make informative labels.

A lot can go wrong if you don’t put specific information on a moving box. On the top part of the box, consider writing its preferred handling instructions.

Write “handle with care” or “this side up” for every item that needs extra care.
Help the movers avoid damaging your property or hire experts to handle all the packing with prowess. Remember, it’s better to move valuable goods separately.

4. Use stickers or pre-printed labels.

If you don’t want to spend too much time writing on boxes, use pre-printed labels. You could use different sizes or colors of tags for specific item categories. Winter Moving & Storage can help make moving more manageable, and your kids can have fun putting stylish stickers on the boxes.

If you want to sell the boxes after moving, labels are a perfect choice. You pull them off, and the boxes are as good as new.


Moving is a stressful experience, and you’ll need all the help you can get. Getting professional help will save you a lot of time and trouble. Contact Winter Moving & Storage, the go-to company any time you need help moving. Get expert advice, planning, and help to execute your next move.

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